We have had the honour to be featured in the Animal Watch documentary episode The Roman Dogs of War, The Cane Corso. Would like to thank Anneka Svenska for making this a pleasurable experience.

Barbarian Corso Kennel, making breed history since 2014, the home of Vice European Winner 2018, Multi International Champion and Grad Champion Figo For Barbarian Pia Fidelis, one of the most titled dogs in Europe.

We are very proud to be the only Cane Corso breeders in the UK to show the dogs we produced at World Dog Shows and European Dog Shows.

In the photo above, from left to right, we have:

Fadia Barbarian Corso - Excellent

Emilia Dior Barbarian Corso - Excellent

Arthur Barbarian Corso - Very Good




Barbarian Corso Kennel is the first kennel in the UK to produce a dog who went on to become a champion abroad, and compete in European and World dog shows, her name is Allegra Barbarian Corso (please see our females page for more details about Allegra). All our dogs used in the programme are either champions already or very close to have the champion title, are healh tested and DNA tested.

We have travelled in the last 7 years to shows abroad all over Europe covering hundreds of thousand of miles for our passion and attended European dog shows, World dog shows and many international and national dog shows, obtaining titles and official results for their breeding rights, as well as performing the all essential health tests to ensure only healthy dogs are part of our programme.

All of our puppies leave with dual registration, FCI and ICCF.

We have come accross the Cane Corso in 1994 whilst looking for an intelligent breed of dog to own. Due to the size of the breed and the fact our circumstances at the time were not appropriate, we have continued to research the breed and finally decided to buy a Cane Corso in 2012.

For us, breeding Cane Corso is a true  passion, we care about all our dogs and all new owners become a cherished part of our lives, this leading to lenghty personality interviews and time spent together before we decide if an applicant is suitable to own one of our puppies. It is a requirement that all owners stay in touch with us and keep us updated on the progress of their beloved babies.

Following years of research, we strive to match pedigrees to ensure health and stable temperament, spending much time and money to ensure only the most balanced, calm, loving dogs are used in our program. Like every programme, things can go wrong, the important thing is to ensure  it is corrected and same mistake is not taking place twice. We are the first to criticise our own work and are very dedicated to be ethical and caring. We provide full transparency  and expect the same when we open our home to visitors and potential owners.

We strongly believe a well socialised puppy will grow into a well behaved adult, therefore cannot recommend enough the all important training classes for our puppies. We work around the clock to ensure our puppies are exposed to as much mental and physical stimulation as possible, ensuring calm and stable temperaments. Early stimulation not only helps puppies adapt to the outside world but also helps them develop important survival skills.

Family Team

Our dogs are trained and socialised to ensure loving and balanced behaviour. We take pride in showing our dogs both in the UK and abroad. Our dogs are part of our family and we will never be wihout a Cane Corso.

We spend our days either training our dogs, working them or just simply enjoying their company.

Our dogs enjoy working; Bella is protection trained, Igor, Dee-Dee, Allegra and Rollo weight drag and Rollo is also in process of training for his IPO assessment. Rollo and Bella are also NASDU trained and qualified to search for humans and articles as well as protection training. Rollo also works as a therapy dog and he absolutely enjoys this task the most. The fact they all have good and balanced temperments, it is a pleasure challenging them to work, they love the mental stimulation as well as the physical side of the training, this leading to happy dogs.


We provide lifelong support, advice and guidance for every puppy we produce in our home. If there is something we do not know, together with our owners we shall learn.


We are supporting the Cane  Corso and Molosser rescue and have attended  their lovely events to help raise money and  awareness about their work and commitment to the breed and dogs in general. If you are considering adopting a dog or help the rescue in any way you can, please feel free to browse their website and both ladies will be happy to  help and guide you through the adoption process.